Unwavering in our commitment, smart in our solutions

When it comes to Construction Management, we take a responsive and hands-on approach. Whether we’re managing construction of an urban park or working with developers to build a world-class residential amenity or commercial space, our team handles every project detail from soft landscaping and art installations to the specialty LED lighting and everything in between.

Using our experience and insight, we find the most innovative, intelligent and forward-thinking solutions possible—that means asking the right questions and finding the best way to get the job done. This is how we’re able to save time, save money and deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. You can rest assured knowing that our door is always open, our project managers are just a phone call away, and our focus is always on your unique vision.

Our industry relationships are another example of how we’re doing things differently. Through our partnerships, we’ve developed some of the best strategies when it comes to procurement policies, complex problem solving, comprehensive scheduling, cost reduction and, most importantly, improvement of the overall project. Our impressive safety record and strong community ties allow us to create a positive impact while building world-class spaces.


Project Management of:
Urban Parks
Green Spaces
Residential Streetscapes, Parks & Other Amenities
Commercial Streetscapes, Parks & Other Amenities
Large Scale Private Projects
Sub-Contractor Management of:

Soft Landscaping
Environmental Remediation
Flood Protection
Rough Grading
Civil Works
Structural Outlooks

Art Installations
Specialty LED Lighting
Custom Furnishings
Surface Works
Small Buildings
Concrete Installation:
In-house completion of services listed within our Concrete Services Division
Specialty Hardscape Installation:

In-house completion of services listed within our Specialty Hardscape Division


Solution focused, value driven
  • RiverWalk Stage 1: Phase 1–3
  • West LRT-Millenium Park
  • St. Patrick's Island Redevelopment

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