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From McKenzie Town to Nolan Hill, we’re an industry leader when it comes to installing curb, gutter and sidewalks in the communities that we call home. But our work extends beyond concrete.

In fact, we’re evolving to become one of Calgary’s premier Construction Management companies. Through award winning projects like St. Patrick’s Island and RiverWalk Stage 1, our Construction Management team knows what it takes to bring groundbreaking developments to life.

Always looking to raise the bar, our Specialty Hardscape and Structural Concrete, Features and Fencing divisions are also changing the way things are done. With a forward thinking approach, we assist clients in finding superior, more cost effective solutions as they plan and build vibrant communities and amenity spaces.

Operating with integrity, the work we do with land developers, homebuilders, engineers and architects isn’t just about building extraordinary communities, it’s about building strong relationships too. From the beginning of every project right through to completion, we passionately and proactively manage every detail, perform beyond our client’s expectations and add value.


Safety is a critical part of everything we do. From health and safety programs and training initiatives to an ongoing pursuit to raise industry standards, we’re always looking for ways to protect our employees, our colleagues in the field, and the people in our communities.

Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Program prevents occupational induced injuries and illnesses by prioritizing people. Our commitment to health and safety is deep-rooted in our culture too, where all employees, at all levels, share the same dedication to the program. Our goal is to have zero accidents and injuries, and with the support of our team, we can achieve it.

Respectful Policies

We have policies in place when it comes to respect in the workplace, violence in the workplace as well as a no tolerance policy for drug and alcohol. We are also members of the Partners in Injury Prevention Program and have an on-site National Certified Safety Officer.


Training is key to our safety standards. For Supervisors that training includes: Prime Contractor, Leadership for Safety Excellence, Principles of Health and Safety, Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), Managing Work Site Investigations, Construction Environment Awareness and Substance Abuse. All employees receive WHMIS training and the majority of our employees have First Aid training. Flag person training is offered to those who require it.


While we’re helping shape the land, we also want to help protect it. That’s why we operate in an environmentally safe way. We train our employees and sub-contractors in house as well as through recognized training facilities in order to meet or exceed government industry standards.

When it comes to operational activities, we assess our environmental impact and develop and implement a prevention and control plan to ensure we’re working according to government legislation. We work closely with government, industry and other partners when it comes to meeting laws, regulations and standards that can help our industry grow, without disturbing the environment.

Transparent in our operations and proactive when it comes to engaging in conversation around the environment, we have an open dialogue with developers, owners and the general public so that together we can achieve the best possible outcomes.



Customer Service

With extensive experience we deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


Trusted Relationships

Our strong industry partnerships have helped us achieve a proven track record.


Economies of Scale

We have the resources and manpower to help clients improve their bottom line.



Through research and innovation our solutions are above industry standards.